• Energy efficiency

  • Flexible design

  • Longer lifespan

  • Low Heat Dissipation High Luminosity

  • Optimal wave length


What is Grow Light?

Grow Light or Plant Light is a light source which is used to mimic the natural sunlight for plant growth. This is performed by generation of a suitable electromagnetic spectrum to stimulate and enhance the photosynthesis process in the plants. In fact, grow light provides the specific spectrum of light that is necessary for the cultivated plants. The output light of LED-based grow lamps contains a certain range of the spectrum, lumen (light intensity) and color temperature which are favorable for the plants. This is determined based on the type of the plant, cultivation stage (germination, vegetative, flowering or fruiting), and photo-period (exposure period).

Why is Grow Light important?

Unfortunately, Iran is struggling with drought which will most probably continue in the future. Thus, strategic change of cultivation is inevitable. Efficient use of water resources and maximal prevention of evaporation are two important factors highly needed for the modern farmers in Iran to meet the requirements of their crops in severe drought conditions.

Crop production in fully-controlled indoor environments is a versatile technique in modern agriculture including various advantages e.g. significant reduction of water consumption, no concern about the weather conditions, and ability for production in all seasons of the year. The required light in such indoor environments is exclusively provided by LED grow lamps. Apart from aforementioned benefits, it has been proved that using LED grow lamps in controlled indoor environment is able to shorten the growth duration by almost half compared to traditional agriculture. Using this method the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables is guaranteed in all seasons.


Grow light is generally used where there is no natural light or supplementary lighting is required. For instance, in the winter the availability of daylight might be limited and not enough for plant growth. In this case, LED grow light is very useful to fulfill the plant requirements. In addition, LED grow light is the integral part of advanced agriculture i.e. farming in controlled indoor environments.

Grow light is also the essential part of Biophilic design e.g. green walls in indoor environments. Normally, there is not enough light in the enclosed area where the green wall is installed. Therefore, utilization of LED grow light in such places is the only practical solution. Using grow light gives this opportunity to install the green wall systems in any favorable location. This has created a tremendous development in the field of Biophilic design and living walls.

The use of LED grow lights in greenhouses holds several benefits such as reduction of electricity and energy consumption, light management, superior quality of vegetables and fruits, prevention of insect proliferation, and consequently reduction of pesticides consumption.

Briefly, the LED grow lights can be used in the following cases:

  • Greenhouses
  • Vertical gardens i.e. living walls (green walls)
  • Public and private places in the offices
  • Residential centers such as hotels and restaurants
  • Parking lots, staircases, and lobbies of buildings
  • Houses and apartments where sufficient light is not available


The quality and intensity of the light are two important factors which guarantee the perfect growth of the plant. The ambient temperature also plays an important role in this process. Consideration of those parameters will assure the optimal growth of the plant.

Recently, the researchers have worked on design and development of flexible lighting systems which specifically fulfill the requirements of the plants. The researchers strongly recommend the use of LED grow lights due to the following advantages.

Optimal wave length

The spectrum of LED grow light targets the specific wave length which is required for different stages of harvesting cycles such as vegetative and flowering. It has been proved that different spectrums are required for different stages. For instance, red light is important to stimulate the flowering and blue light is necessary for plant strengthening.

Longer lifespan

The lifespan of LED lamps is at least 10 times greater than fluorescent lamps. Although LED lamps are more expensive than conventional lamps, this extra cost is compensated gradually. The LED lamps have much lower energy consumption and do not need to be replaced in a long time.

Low Heat Dissipation, High Luminosity

The amount of heat produced by LED lamps is much less than other types of the lamps. This is really beneficial for the plants and can consequently eliminate the use of expensive cooling systems.

Energy efficiency

The rate of energy consumption in LED lamps is significantly less than incandescent, HID, and CFL lamps. This reduction has been reported up to 80%.

Flexible design

The LED lamp systems can be designed in a vertical and multi-layer form. Depending on the Photo-morphologic parameters, distances, and electricity consumption, the frames and LED locations are completely adjustable.


Does the plant grow properly under the lamplight?

In case of using LED lamps according to the light requirements of the plant, it will definitely grow perfectly.

How many types of LED grow lights are available in this website?

Our productions cover 20 various types of LED lights.

Is there any other kind of grow lights except LED in this website?

No, there is not.

What is the difference between various types of grow lights produced by your company?

All of our productions have the same quality. The differences are related to their appearance, size, power, and physical protection of the frame.

Are your LED lights can be used at home?

Yes, some of them can be used inside the home.

Are your LED lights can be used outdoors?

Yes. The frames of most of our LED lights have physical protection (IP65) which is water proof, anti humid, and dust proof. Therefore, they can be used outdoors.

How the LED grow lights are installed?

Some of our LED grow lights have simple coupling (E27) which can be mounted in a usual way. The other types are linear and there are two ways for installation; by chain like chandelier or by adjustable bases to be installed on wall or roof.

Can the conventional LED lamps in the market be used for plant growth?

No, the LED grow lights generate specific spectrum exclusively used for stimulation of photo-synthesis. Conventional LED lights do not have such performance.

What is the suitable distance between the LED and plant?

This distance depends on three factors including plant type, LED type, and the intensity of environmental light. To calculate this distance, please contact us.

Is the light of LED grow lamps harmful for eye and skin?

No, the covered spectrum has no influence on human body.

Does LED grow light suit vegetables?

Yes, with the help of our LED grow lights you will be able to grow the vegetables in any place where enough environmental light is not available.

Are your LED grow lights able to provide the light requirements of any type of plants?

The spectrum of our LEDs encompasses almost all types of plants such as decorative plants, houseplants, medicinal plants, air-purification plants, and vegetables.

Is it necessary that the LED lamp to be turned on in 24 hours?

No, depending on the type of the plant, it should be turned on between 9 to 16 hours. For more information about your plant, please contact us.

What are the benefits of LED grow lights?

LED grow light is the most optimal method for plant growth. Some of its benefits include lifespan over 50,000 hours, very low heat and power dissipation, covering specific spectrum of plants growth, and less electricity consumption.

What should the ambient temperature be when the LED grow lights are used?

The LED lamps are able to work perfectly in an ambient temperature between 0 to 40 degC.

Are LED grow lights able to provide the suitable light in the greenhouses?

Yes, we design and produce the specific LED grow lights which can be used in different types of greenhouses. These types of LEDs are able to work in the environments with high humidity.

Can the LED grow lights be used as supplementary lighting in roof gardens or terrace gardens?

Yes, the lack of sunlight in such places can perfectly be compensated by the LED grow lights. Our LED lights are designed in different shapes and with water proof, and dust proof frames to be usable in roof and terrace gardens.

Which stage of plant growth is covered by your LED grow lights?

All stages of plants growth including germination, vegetative, flowering or fruiting are stimulated by our LED grow lights.

Do you have a LED lamp which is suitable for a specific stage of plants growth?

Yes, we do. However, these LEDs are rarely used and should be ordered separately.

What is the lifespan of LED grow lights?

According to the manufacturers’ predictions, the lifespan of the LED is over 50,000 hours. If its lifespan is even reduced to 35,000 and works 12 hours in a day, it can work for 2900 days which is equal to 8 years!

How can LED grow lights be purchased?

You can buy any type of LED grow lights through this website. If you need further information before the purchase, please contact us.

Can your LED grow lights be used for apartment plants or decorative plants?

Yes. If the environmental light is not enough, it is highly recommended to use LED grow lights.

Is artificial light suitable for plant growth?

If the artificial light is in the spectrum which stimulates the photo-synthesis, it will impact the plant growth amazingly.

Is there a suitable light to be used instead of sunlight?

Yes. The generated light by our LEDs is able to be used as supplement or totally instead of sunlight. This technology is known as grow light in advanced farming methods which is specifically designed to enhance the photo-synthesis process in the plants.

About us

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In this regard, we come up with research, design, production, and development of the grow light systems, their accessories, and special sensors with associated functionality by drawing inspiration from international pioneers within this technology.

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